Group Coaching

You deserve to feel empowered and equipped when roadblocks come. It’s time to take control of your life, instead of letting your traumas control your life.

Get the community, clarity, and action steps you need

Through my group coaching sessions, you’ll learn to: 

icon4Open your Mind

Learn how to ground yourself through guided meditation. Together, we will center ourselves so the work can begin.

We cannot break through barriers if our minds are clogged with our “to do” lists. 

icon10Lose the Burden of an Ego

Learn how to answer questions as your truest self, not with your ego. Together, we will answer questions that dig deep into what we are really scared of, what we really want, and who we really are.

icon9Achieve Goals

Together, we will set realistic goals, and I’ll show you the action steps needed to achieve them.

Overcome the Biggest Life Changes.

It’s important to feel empowered and equipped when roadblocks come. It’s time to take control of your life, instead of letting your trauma control your life. 

Join my group coaching program to:

  • Find support during your time of unexpected change
  • Learn how to take control of your thoughts
  • Set realistic expectations and goals

Some of our coaching groups are:

Fertility Issues

Cancer Patients and Caregivers

Women in Business

I found Hope at a time when I was lacking connection and community. Her immense compassion, breadth of knowledge, and ability to facilitate a group of women helped us all share, learn, and grow together. We tackled sensitive and important topics and Hope gave us a safe space to share our story and explore our emotions. Thank you!

Rachel Gross

I highly recommend working with Hope; I am grateful to have her in my corner during the most difficult experience of my life. With her experience, wisdom, and insight, she provides strategies and advice to help with the uncertainy and stress of a cancer diagnosis and all that it entails. Above all, she is a beacon of HOPE during the darkest of days.
Hope facilitated a valuable women’s support group at Altar Community. She created a safe space to explore difficult truths. She introduced me to inner child work and how to have a somatic dialog. Her feedback was valuable and honest. It was the best way to start the year.

Jackie Zydeck

We couldn't be happier! Things are going really well. I wanted to thank you for all of your help. I know I just saw you a few times, but your words have helped me thoughout everything. You are an amazing person with a huge heart. Thank you so much. I would love to keep in touch and I wish you the best!


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About Hope

In my coaching, I’ll help you develop a plan to thrive in the face of life’s unexpected, instead of letting these traumas and challenges define you. 

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