Hello & welcome, I am so glad you’re here.

I’m Hope, a compassionate life coach dedicated to empowering women who are navigating the complexities of divorce.

My mission is to guide you through this transformative journey,
helping you discover your inner strength and embrace
a new, empowered version of yourself.

Life is full of unexpected challenges and uncertainties, and I specialize in providing
the support and guidance needed to navigate these twists and turns.
My own journey has taught me resilience and the power of embracing change.

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We often believe we are powerless or that change is too difficult. Let me show you that you are resilient, powerful, and capable of creating your destiny. Together, we can thrive in uncertainty, emerge from chaos, and embark on a journey of personal growth and fulfillment.

#alilHope is all you need to start your transformation.

Let me share a bit of my story with you…

My path to motherhood was not what I expected. After years of struggling with infertility, enduring surgeries, and a heartbreaking miscarriage, surrogacy became the safest option for my family. Our surrogate, Sarah, played a crucial role in bringing our two healthy boys into our lives, for which I’m forever grateful.

Three years later, a battle with stage 3 colon cancer tested my strength as a new mom. And not long after, my marriage of 18 years came to an end. These challenges were not easy, but they shaped me into who I am today—a resilient, purpose-driven woman.

Your current obstacles don’t define you. They are stepping stones to your growth and empowerment. With support and guidance, you can emerge from this chapter stronger, wiser, and more fulfilled than ever before.

Let’s embark on this journey of transformation together. Text me today to start your empowering journey towards a new beginning.

About Hope’s coaching services

My coaching techniques are a unique blend of the strongest philosophies from both eastern and western cultures. 

In addition to having my master’s degree from The London School of Economics in Organizational Behavior, a life coach certification from iPEC, and training in Rapid Resolution Therapy, I share the wisdom I’ve gained from overcoming my own personal traumas.

Let me show you how:

With the right knowledge, an unshakable mindset, and a sprinkle of your trust in YOURSELF and the UNIVERSE, you have the power to completely transform any situation!

All it takes is one step forward to get the momentum going. Don’t keep waiting for the perfect moment, my friend. Take your first step right NOW!

I am ready to take the leap!

Got questions? Please reach out to me.


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Hope Firsel Life & Business Coach


Let’s walk through this together.

In my coaching, I empower you to thrive even through your trauma – whether past or present – and help you to emerge stronger, better, and full of hope.

I found Hope at a time when I was lacking connection and community. Her immense compassion, breadth of knowledge, and ability to facilitate a group of women helped us all share, learn, and grow together. We tackled sensitive and important topics and Hope gave us a safe space to share our story and explore our emotions. Thank you!

Rachel Gross

I highly recommend working with Hope; I am grateful to have her in my corner during the most difficult experience of my life. With her experience, wisdom, and insight, she provides strategies and advice to help with the uncertainy and stress of a cancer diagnosis and all that it entails. Above all, she is a beacon of HOPE during the darkest of days.
Hope facilitated a valuable women’s support group at Altar Community. She created a safe space to explore difficult truths. She introduced me to inner child work and how to have a somatic dialog. Her feedback was valuable and honest. It was the best way to start the year.

Jackie Zydeck

We couldn't be happier! Things are going really well. I wanted to thank you for all of your help. I know I just saw you a few times, but your words have helped me thoughout everything. You are an amazing person with a huge heart. Thank you so much. I would love to keep in touch and I wish you the best!


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